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The Weekly Grind - January 23rd, 2023 Newsletter

Updates from last week & upcoming events for this week.

Saturday was our first To The Table event, and I think it went well. I'd love to do more of those, so if you have a game you've wanted to play and haven't be able to get To The Table, shoot me a message on our socials, call me at the shop (815-630-4235), or email me at and I'd be happy to get that ball rolling.

This Saturday is our Company Spotlight event with Studio Agate. If you're into RPGs you won't want to miss this one. At 12pm we have 2 One-Shot adventures starting. We'll do character creation together so no need to prepare anything. These adventures are D&D 5e based but using the Fateforge compendiums by Studio Agate. These give you more class options, spells, monsters to defeat, and more. It's going to be really fun. Then at 5pm Kevin, one of the Studio Agate representatives, will be running their own RPG called Shadows of Esteren. No experience is necessary, but you must be 15 or older to play due to the French Gothic Horror themes.

People are welcome to show up the day of, but we recommend reserving a seat to guarantee your spot.

Gauging Interest:

We have a player, Jay, looking to run a weekly campaign for Starfinder. He's open to Tuesdays or Thursdays based on player availability. If you're interested in playing, reach out to me on one of our socials, call me at the shop (815-630-4235) or email me at and I'll get you in contact with him.

Another player, Russell, has suggested running an event called Pandemic Survival. It's a Pandemic tournament. It's structured with 2 players on a team. Every team is given the same roles, and all the cards are stacked exactly the same—the team to win first wins. I think this could be a lot of fun! We can play 8 teams of 2!

Wargaming?? Hero Clix?? We certainly don't have the room for Warhammer but we've had several people come to play or ask about Battletech, and we've had some people come in and play Hero Clix. We have room for these. I'm thinking of making 1 Friday night a month dedicated to these types of games. Since they can take a few hours, and we're open until 11pm on Fridays, that might be a good option.

Upcoming Events:


Wednesday, 8th, Game Night @ Flight Tasting Room & Bottle Shoppe. Free to attend. Purchase suggested. 6pm - 9pm.

Friday, 10th, Magic the Gathering Phyrexia Draft Tournament. $15. 6pm - 11pm

Sunday, 12th, Terrain building workshop 1. Dungeon & Castles Walls & Floors. Price based on materials, TBD. 12pm - 4pm.

Sunday, 19th, Live music by Demi Clara. Free to attend. Tipping performer suggested. 4pm - 7pm.

Saturday, 25th, Company Spotlight event with Calliope Games. Free to attend. 1pm - 5pm.


Welcome to the Gaslands! A player, Noah, is organizing a Gaslands event on Saturday, March 4th! Never heard of Gaslands? Check this out. It's a post-apocalyptic mad max-style game using hot wheels and matchbox cars! Noah has all the material needed to play and he's more than happy to teach. This game is for most all ages. Probably 10+? All you have to do is show up ready to have fun. Events will start at 10am and 3pm.

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