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The Weekly Grind - January 16th, 2023 Newsletter

Exciting New Information

One of our awesome customers is launching a game on Kickstarter! It looks like a really fun game and I can't wait to play it. Check it out, follow the campaign, and if it looks like your kind of thing, maybe back it.

We have 3 new Facebook Groups! Our original Meetup group is still active and everyone is still welcome and encouraged to join it, but we have also created more tailored groups for our TCG players, RPG Players, and Board Gamers. Go join the community we're creating.

Last Week's Recap

Tuesday was our first meetup for the homeschooler & stay-at-home families. It was an excellent turnout and I loved having so many happy kids and parents playing games and embracing a community.

Tuesday Night, it was great to see Daniel's D&D campaign back after their holiday break. They are looking for 1 more player on Tuesday Nights if anyone is interested in joining their party, reach out and I'll get you in contact with Daniel.

On Wednesday my mom and I picked up a new table and rearranged the cafe seating. Now there is more room for big games, and cozy seating up front.

Wednesday Night we had our monthly game night event at Flight Tasting Room & Bottle Shoppe. I actually got to play! I played Horrified: American Monsters with some really cool people. It came down to the literal last roll to determine whether or not we won, and we did. It was incredible.

Don't miss the fun, we'll be back there on February 8th from 6 pm to 9 pm!

Thursday was an incredible RPG Night with our guest DM, Hannah. Her different play style was a hit with a lot of the players and they can't wait for her to come back.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday for our open-play RPG night, we have another guest GM, Brett! Brett will be hosting Quest this week. It'll be a great opportunity for players to try a system other than Dungeons & Dragons.

This Saturday will be our first To The Table event. To The Table is an event where a player can submit a game they haven't been able to play because they don't have the headcount, or they don't have friends interested in that style of game. So we schedule an event for them to bring that game, and other players sign up to play that game with them. This week we're playing Dune, Pandemic, and Terra Mystica *although it is possible Terra Mystica will be replaced with Champions of Midgard*.

Dune has seats for 3 more. Pandemic has room for 1 more. and Terra Mystica/Champions of Midgard has room for 3 more.

If you have a game you'd like to submit, you can message Critical Grind on our Facebook or Instagram, or email Dana directly at

Other upcoming things:

Next Saturday will be our first Company Spotlight event with an RPG company. Studio Agate has been generous enough to donate copies of Fateforge, their 5e compendium, pdfs & a set of their analog books to our GMs to read up on. We'll be hosting 2 RPG sessions of Dungeons & Dragons 5e using their Fateforge books which include more races, classes, magic items, spells, monsters, and whole new lands to explore. Then at 5pm, Kevin from Studio Agate, will be hosting a session of Shadows of Esteren, Studio Agate's own system, full of horror and medieval gothic themes, and Celtic mythology (must be 15+ to play).

Seats are still available for these sessions so reach out to Dana to reserve yours. Facebook, Instagram, or email:

February 10th we'll be hosting our first Magic the Gathering Draft Tournament. Phyrexia: All Will Be One is being released.

$15 to participate in the tournament, 3 draft packs, and you keep the deck you build. Seating is limited to 12 and it's first come; first served.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting events already being scheduled in February and March.

If you don't already, follow our Google Calendar for new event updates. They'll always be there first.

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