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The Weekly Grind - December 12th, 2022 Newsletter

Things are ramping up a bit here now. Of course, we're still looking for ideas to get people here during the weekdays, the evening events and weekends are certainly picking up. This may be a little longer, but it's certainly worth the read. You don't want to miss out.

Last Week Look Back

Last week we had a great turnout for Magic on Monday! We typically play commander but all Magic styles of play are welcome. If you'd like to play commander and don't have a deck, we have some you can borrow. We also welcome other TCGs/CCGs though you may need to bring more players as we currently only have people playing Magic.

Unfortunately, we did have to cancel our D&D Night on Thursday. Shaun's dad was in the hospital and Shaun went down to St. Louis to be with him. His dad is out of the hospital and doing much better. Shaun is back home and we should be good for D&D to resume this week.

Someone donated a puzzle, among a few other games, last week and we decided the best way to be sure the pieces were there was to put it together. With help from some awesome customers, we got it done in just over a day. This has since inspired me to keep a puzzle on a table for people to contribute. A friend had a suggestion to have everyone who helps with a puzzle, write their name down, then when the puzzle is complete, I glue it, frame it, and then make a little plaque or sign with the contributor's names. I absolutely love that idea, but I am a bit particular about the art I put up so, I will probably do that with puzzles that I think would make great art here.

I finished assembling all of the Decorate-Your-Own ornament kits for our Gaming with Santa event.

Speaking of ornaments, one of our customers brought us this beautiful hand-made ornament for our tree! We are so grateful!

This Week's Events

Tonight is Monday Night Magic!

Tuesday is Open Board Gaming. Plus there is a group that has the big table reserved for their D&D campaign.

Wednesday, the cafe may be closed but our Game Master Josh will be at Flight Tasting Room & Bottle Shoppe in Yorkville from 6pm-9pm for a game night.

Thursday is our Open Play D&D Night. We have a campaign in progress that is a series of one-shots. So even if you can just pop in once, you can participate and not miss out.

Friday's board game theme is Trivia Games.Trivial Pursuit, Wits & Wagers, Smart Ass, Over Under, and more... Put your random knowledge to the test.

Friday Drink Special:

We will be offering a drink special this Friday, December 16th.

$1.00 off any Wizard's Brew. December 16th marks the 1 year anniversary of my dad's passing and this drink was created in his honor.

Saturday is an open gaming day.

Sunday is our Gaming with Santa event from 12pm - 4pm. Bring the kiddos to meet Santa, take pictures, and decorate ornaments. This event is free to attend, and no registration is required, though we do ask that participants purchase something from the cafe.

General Announcements

Critical Grind is officially an LGBTQIA+ / Ally Sponsor of Plainfield Pride. You can find our listing in their Rainbow Pages on their website. If you haven't already checked out all of the wonderful things they're doing in the community, you can go to and do that now.

Friendly Reminder: while we don't mind if you bring in food from local restaurants for dinner while you play, we do request you not bring is snacks or beverages. We can keep the in-store gameplay free as long as the cafe is able to pay the bills.

Don't forget we have a selection of beautiful hand-crafted items here for sale, just in time for the holidays.

Our retail section is getting a little fuller. We now have a few copies of Doomlings! A game about the end of the world, with really cute art.

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