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Tony Zaragoza

Director of Client Services

Andromeda Technology Solutions, Lockport

"Game night is an amazing experience as workmates become teammates and adversaries (in a friendly manner). “Rank” and departmental assignments melt away as good old fashioned, friendly competition leads to laughs, thrills, and comradery. Experiences are made and relationships, mutual understanding are deepened. The action takes place under the “leadership” of a staff that loves games and loves to share their love of games with others. They know the games they bring and can explain them on the fly to ensure more time is spent playing than reading/learning the rules.

I recommend you schedule a game night for your staff. I think you should “make” yourself attend. It may not seem important now, trust me you will understand once you attend."

david rickerd.jpg

Dave Rickerd


Port Noir Wine & Martini Bar, Lockport

"Critical Grind has added some extra flavor at my wine bar. They set up with many games to choose from, so there is something for everyone. My guests are now excited when we have an event from them."


Amy Czarkowski

Event Coordinator

Empirical Brewery, Chicago

"Critical Grind has an amazing collection of games, and they're very knowledgeable about each of them. They're professional and a pleasure to work with, and they seem to take great joy in people playing their games and having fun. We would recommend them for any kind of event or party that you're thinking of having. Board games make everything better!"

ATS logo.jpg

Heather Zaragoza


Andromeda Technology Solutions, Lockport

"It's wonderful learning new games this way! No fumbling around with instructions... just sit back and enjoy the fun. Dana will explain the game and assist in the play for maximum enjoyment!"


Michael Wilhoyt

Game Night Participant

"I've been to several corporate game nights run by Dana. She makes sure even the most shy people feel involved and have fun, while also catering to us extroverts for laughs during the games. You don't see anyone sitting on the sidelines. They excel at including everyone. In my experience, everyone has fun, everyone gets involved and at the end of the night, everyone is asking when the next game night is. Top notch team building, collaboration and all around fun.

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