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You CAN Take It With You

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

As someone with a large personal board game collection, I am often asked to bring my games to game nights. That's part of what inspired starting Critical Grind in the first place. Two years ago we purchased a few games from Fantasy Flight Games at Gen Con. We were given this really awesome bag that we used to carry any other games we purchased the rest of the weekend.

We used this bag to bring games to friend's houses. I used this bag to bring games to work. This was our go-to game bag. Unfortunately, it was not made for such rigorous use. To its credit, it lasted a couple years. But a month or so ago, this bag decided it's had enough.

Former game bag,

I decided it was time to get a really nice game bag. I came across one on Kickstarter that I was lusting after for a while. But the price was significantly out of my budget. Then I saw a comment on Facebook from someone who also did not have the budget for a $170 backpack. The comment contained a link to Top Shelf Fun. They have two size game bags. The smaller one looks like it would be perfect for bringing a few to a friend's house. It was sold out so I'm not sure how much it cost. But as more than a casual gamer, I decided to go big or go home. So I got their larger bag.

The Game Haul Bag 3rd Edition

The top compartment zips and is great for holding a notebook, character sheet, pens, dice, or decks of cards.

I used this game bag to bring 14 games to a game night at Port Noir Wine and Martini Bar and it was amazing. It was easy to carry awkward shaped games, and I didn't have to open every box and fix all of the shifted components once I got there either.

I'm also fawning over these Meepillows!

I really want the purple one. (Photo from Top Shelf Fun's website)

Disclosure: I don't want this to sound like I'm bashing the fancy game bag currently on Kickstarter. Honestly, I'm still lusting after it and do hope to purchase one at some point. But for those on a budget, the bag from Top Shelf Fun is absolutely perfect.

Product: Game Haul Bag 3rd Edition

Cost: $39.99

Pros: A LOT of room inside plus extra zipper pocket on top. Comfortable to wear as backpack. Handle to carry.

Cons: Might be too bulky for a convention floor. Can feel awkward on back if games aren't positioned well.

Recommended?: Absolutely!!!

Get yours here:

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I'm not a big fan of board games, but I was interested in this bag. Maybe you should do a video review on it, tell me about the pros and cons, what it's made of, and so on. It would also be cool if you could tell me where to buy it for the best price. Don't forget to edit your video, I think it will allow you to add some effects and you'll make a great video!

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