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Review: Drawing Dead

Ready for a new way to play poker? Drawing Dead is a very clever twist on your standard 5 card stud. In Drawing Dead you are playing with standard playing cards, action cards, and poker chips.

Players will first draw high card to determine who goes first. Everyone starts with 2 poker cards and 1 "role card" in your hand. The Role card will give you special abilities or actions on your turn. There will always start with a 5 chip in the pot. Play rotates around the table to play your cards in front of you to have the best poker hand. Play as many poker cards in your hand and action cards as you have available. If you have the best poker hand at the end of your turn you get The Button. If someone after you beats your hand, they get The Button and play continues until one person has the best poker hand for one complete rotation. If play comes back to the person currently holding the marker, they win the pot. After a player gains 40 chips, they win.

At its core, it is a poker game so luck and knowing the poker hierarchy has a LOT to do with ones success in the game. However, how you play the action cards also carries quite a bit of weight in the strategy. These action cards can help make or break the hand for a player.

Game: Drawing Dead Publishers: Gold Baby Games Cost: $20 Pros: A new take on a classic game. Plus the Day of the Dead art is beautiful Cons: Difficult to play if you don't know what makes a good poker hand Recommended?: Yes.

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