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The Weekly Grind - May 8th, 2023 Newsletter

New retail Items. New monthly brewery event. New Facebook group. New ordering option. New menu item teaser.

We are slowly expanding our retail items. We listen to what you ask for and do our best to oblige. We now have some trading card sleeves, playmat holders, dice bags, journals, and more RPG books.

As briefly stated last week, starting June 1st, we'll be hosting monthly game nights at Oswego Brewing Co. We've found our Game Master and we're excited to get the ball rolling on that one. Justin will be there the first Thursday of the month from 6pm-9pm.

Into Social Deception or Social Deduction gaming? Join our Facebook group. It's where we plan social gaming nights like Blood on the Clocktower.

Soon-ish, we'll be introducing our menu on DoorDash. There is some concern about how some of the items will travel so this is just a trial run. We're gonna give it a go for a few months and see from there if all is going well. I'll let y'all know when that officially launches, but I'm just giving you a heads-up now.

Once our distributor receives their shipment, in a few weeks, we'll be introducing a new refresher flavor!

Our May Events are locked down. I'd like to do a Company Spotlight or To The Table on the 27th but I'm struggling to get those confirmed.

If you have a game you've wanted to play but don't have the players for, send me an email at and we'll schedule a To The Table event for you to find people to play with.

This Week:

Monday (Last Night because I took too long finishing this) was TCG Night. We typically have Magic the Gathering players but all Trading Card Games are welcome.

Tuesday: Homeschool Meetup from 10am-12pm. Trivia at the cafe from 7pm-9pm. Game Night at Hailstorm Brewing Company in Tinley Park from 5pm-9pm.

Wednesday: The cafe may be closed (and I finally have my neurologist appointment), but Josh will be hosting Game Night at Flight Tasting Room & Bottle Shoppe in Yorkville from 6pm-9pm.

Thursday: Another Homeschool Meetup from 10am-12pm. Open Play D&D from 6pm-9pm.

Friday: Co-Working Space meetup from 10am-2pm. Kids play D&D from 6pm-9pm. Pathfinder Society from 6:30pm-10:30pm

Saturday: Open play during the day, and we have some table reservations. Nerdy Knowledge Trivia from 7pm-9pm.

Sunday: Mother's Day. Pop-up Bakery featuring ZINful Confections and their impeccable French macarons. 11am-3pm (while supplies last).


The worst Chaos Toast yet.

Plain Bagel. Marshmallow Fluff. Tomatoes. Dried Cranberries. Caramel Sauce. Red Pepper Flakes.

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