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The Weekly Grind - May 16th, 2023 Newsletter

It's time to sign up for the Summer D&D Club at Critical Grind! Sessions will run weekly from 11am-2pm on Mondays or Fridays in June or July. We'll be running 2 groups a day, 5th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade, and limiting it to 5 players per group. Your student CAN be signed up for more than one session, though make sure they can keep track of more than 1 storyline and character as they will be different in each.

We are charging for this event. $20 per player covers all 4 weeks in a session, and each player will receive a set of dice. We do ask that players still purchase drinks or snacks from the cafe.

The campaigns are being run by students as well. They are writing their own stories and will be keeping things age appropriate.

If you're ready to sign your kid(s) up for an exciting 4-week adventure with some kids their age, there are 2 steps to take.

Step 1: Purchase their 'ticket' from our website.

Step 2: AFTER purchase, fill out this Google Form with the player's information

Note: Please make sure there are no scheduling conflicts with the dates before registration. There will be no refunds, full or partial. And if an adventurer misses a week, they may be lost or leave their party to struggle without them.


You can now order Critical Grind coffee on Doordash! Right now, we're only offering the coffee because we're concerned the toasts won't travel well.


*NOTE: We will not be holding Nerdy Trivia in June. Jay is all booked up for Saturdays in June. The next Nerdy Trivia will take place on July 1st.... MY BIRTHDAY! YAAAY!!


Some of you may recognize SarahBelle Ratcliff from our Women's Showcase in March! She's back in June with a solo show. Come out from 2pm-4pm to support this wonderfully talented musician.


We're hosting a company spotlight for VoidGate Games on June 10th. There will be 2 GMs here from VoidGate running their Role-Playing Game, Neon Blues. It's a science-fiction/noir-style RPG. Specific time is to be determined but keep watching our website, google calendar, and socials for those updates.


On a personal note, thank you to those who have encouraged me to continue sharing personal things. I've always wanted to create a community space and seeing Critical Grind become that has been wonderful. The last community group I created I felt a little removed from it because I was one of the people "in charge". Here, I still feel included.

And if you don't care for my personal updates, that's cool. Feel free to stop reading here. Nothing below this line is cafe related.


So, a little health update. I finally got in to see a neurologist about my nerve issues. She ordered 3 MRIs and some bloodwork. I already did the bloodwork and came back positive for Lyme Disease (don't worry it's not contagious). Not entirely sure how I got that, or how long I've had it... but at least it's an answer about some things. I have a follow-up with my primary care physician to get antibiotics and a referral for an infectious disease specialist. I still have my MRIs scheduled for June and while Lyme Disease may be the answer to my issues, my doctor still won't rule out MS, or anything else, until the rest of the labs and the MRIs come back.

In the meantime, I'll just keep chugging along like the Little Engine That Could and handle things as they come my way.

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