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The Weekly Grind - July 28th, 2023 Newsletter

If I just keep doing it, even when it's hard, it will get easier. So, here I am for week 2, pushing out another consistent Weekly Grind. Next week will be the real test.

We are officially on Discord! Follow this LINK to join our Discord. Agree to the rules, then go to the Roles & Info channel to select your pronouns, and what channels you'd like to be a part of.

As a reminder, Critical Grind is closed tomorrow, Saturday, July 29th. As you know, we're a small business. We have minimal staff. And sometimes life is weird and everyone has things going on the same day. We appreciate your understanding.

We will be here from 9am - 7pm on Sunday for open gaming all day.

Monday we have our regular TCG night (mostly Magic the Gathering) AND we're doing a Company Spotlight event with Smirk & Dagger Games.

Monday will be our last day open for 1 week. We're closed from August 1st through August 7th for Gen Con. Part work trip, part family vacation, we are very excited! We're going to be taking seminars and workshops to find more ways to build our community, talking to game companies about upcoming games, planning new events, potentially acquiring more art, and adding to our game library!

If you will be at Gen Con too, join our Discord and jump in the channel for Gen Con. We're hoping to do a quick Critical Grind Meet-Up on Saturday at some point for a group photo and we'd love to have you in it. If not, maybe we can find each other and take a quick selfie!

After Gen Con we'll be hosting a whole slew of events.

But the most EXCITING announcement of all is...


Plenty of our events have been so well attended, and we've had some days when we had to turn people away due to lack of seats. We've been saying "it's a good problem to have" but we're going to solve the problem.

Our neighbors, Blush Lash Studio, are closing in August and we will be taking over their space starting in September. There will be a little construction to add a door between the spaces, but we'll be able to have more tables for RPG events, TCG games, wargaming, a separate space for private events, AND MORE!

That said, if you are, or know, a commercial carpenter licensed in Shorewood, shoot Shaun an email at We're going to be looking at estimates for the job.

We honestly could not have gotten to this point as fast as we did without all of you. We appreciate each one of our customers and can't wait for you to see the exciting things this new space will allow us.

Here's some photos from some of our busiest days/nights.

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Hi, discord link from August is expired, and I tried the QR code on the front page too, can I have a new link please & thanks :)


Heya, I tried joining the discord link, but it said it expired, is there a new on somewhere?

Replying to

Yes. Sorry about that.

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