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The Weekly Grind - January 10th, 2024 Newsletter

Welp, I wanted to get this made earlier in the year but you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

This is my first post of 2024 and I'm hoping this year goes as well as, if not better, than last year.

If you read my last newsletter you saw that we broke down what our goals were for 2023 and discussed what we achieved and what we didn't. (if you missed that post, you can read it HERE)

A lot of you are new here and probably haven't gone back through every Newsletter post, so the odds that you'd seen my 2023 New Year's post are pretty slim. So, I'm going to explain.

14 years ago, I started a tradition for the New Year that instead of creating resolutions I wouldn't keep, I would make a list of tangible goals. Some of them are measurable, and some of them are strictly opinion-based. And since it's like a bucket list, but it's only for the year... I've been calling it a Bowl List.

So, here is Critical Grind's 2024 Bowl List:

*Do more with publishers and designers

*Social Media Presence: 3,000 Followers on Facebook, 1,000 Followers on Instagram,

1,000 Followers on TikTok

*Increased retail section

*Utilize the space during the day

*50 Game Library subscribers

*More off-site events: 3 more regular Pop-Up Game Nights, 3 Employee Engagements, 2 Libraries.

*Visit 1 Big new-to-us Convention

*Participate in 3 new local events/conventions

*Meet our new average daily sales goal

*Work with more local businesses to plan events and highlight our strengths

*Bring more people together through gaming!

Last year we also took a survey where people submitted their interest in certain events. This time, I'd like to ask for feedback on some of last year's events, as well as ask for your input and ideas for future events. You can fill that survey out: HERE.

One more thing that might feel a little silly. In 2022 I started assigning a "word of the year." 2022 was Perserverance. 2023 was Flourish. 2024 will be Balance. I will be attempting to find a work/life balance this year.

Thank you all for reading and sticking by us! We look forward to the year to come.

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