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The Weekly Grind - February 26th, 2022 Newsletter

I am trying to keep these weekly and maybe I just need to change my expectation of when I'll be able to get them out. Mondays might not be realistic anymore. Wednesdays are my day off. I can probably do this consistently on Wednesdays and send them out Thursdays. Which, is kinda like my Monday since Wednesday is my weekend. Was that as confusing to you as it was to me?

Oh well. It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm finally getting this done. That's all that matters.

Last Week Breakdown:

We were thrilled to host the Shorewood Public Library's D&D night. Their DM was VERY impressive and we've extended an offer for her to DM here sometimes. We hope she takes us up on it.

Saturday we had our Company Spotlight event with Calliope Games. It was such a wonderful turnout. We appreciate Chris, Bob, and Alex from Calliope for coming out and teaching people how to play their games, and everyone who participated. We still have a few copies of some of their games for sale.


Normally this is where I put the events for "this week" but since this week is already half over, these are just some things in the next week and a half.

This Friday night from 6pm to 11pm join us for RPG Night with a one-shot of Dungeon Crawl Classics

New Announcements:

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