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The Weekly Grind - February 20th, 2023 Newsletter

I'm Late! I'm Late! For a very important date!

I'm honestly not sure how many of you are looking forward to these each week, or even notice if I miss one, but I do. And today, it's late.

Last week was pretty slow at the cafe with everyone's Superbowl hangovers on Monday and Valentine's Day on Tuesday. But the rest of the week picked up pretty well.

Yesterday we had a wonderful time hosting a 16th birthday party as well as our first Live Music event featuring Demi Clara.

Demi did an incredible job and I can't wait to hear her again when she comes back in March with a bunch of other female performers for our Women's Showcase. More details on that below!

New updates around the cafe:

We have a secret menu and only the people who read this are gonna know about it.

Current Secret Menu Items.

Glitter Berry Toast. This one was a hit on our Valentine's Sample Platter. It's Strawberry Cream Cheese topped with White Chocolate Chips and Edible Glitter.

B.A.T. Toast. A clever customer suggested bacon bits as a topping. So, here is our first toast with Bacon Bits in the recipe. B.A.T. stands for Bacon Avocado Tomato, but of course I couldn't leave it at that. This toast is an Avocado Spread, topped with Tomatoes, Pepper, Ranch, and Bacon Bits.

Duh's Mania. As many of you know, the drinks on our specials menu have people attached to

them. The Onix' Rock Slide is Shaun's. The Only Zuulie is mine. The Bucko was created for my nephew who passed away in 2018. The Wizard's Brew was created for my dad who passed away in 2021. And the Del's Wake-Up was created by a friend of ours who donated $500 to our GoFundMe. Well, this conversation happened with my sister when she saw the menu. Danita: "So, do I need to die to get my own drink on your menu?" Me: "Or donate $500."

Danita: "So... die?"

It may sound morbid, but that's our weird humor. So, anyway, I let her create her own drink. She is the reason we've had Butter Pecan syrup. The Duh's Mania can be made Hot or Iced, and is a latte made with Butter Pecan, 4 Shots of Espresso, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

SAMPLE PLATES: Ever have a hard time deciding what toast to get? We have so many great options, we understand the struggle. We have decided to introduce SAMPLE PLATES. Pick 3 of any of our menu toasts. They'll be served on small-ish slices of rye bread. This doesn't work for DIY toast/Roll for Toast.

Upcoming Events:

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