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The Weekly Grind - February 13th, 2023 Newsletter

It's Sunday night and this update will be brief because I am hella tired.

First, I want to give big thank yous to everyone who has come out to the cafe in the last week. The love and support of this community have made this last week our most successful yet and we are looking forward to many more!

Shoutout to Earl and Gia for celebrating their birthdays with us this past weekend! Thanks for including us in your special day!

We had a great time at the Terrain Building workshop today and we're already planning the next one for March 12th.

This Tuesday (tomorrow) is Valentine's Day and we have a sampler special we're offering on Tuesday Only. Left Brain, Berry Sweet, Chocolate Delight, and a new creation, Glitter Berry! It's $10 and is available only on Tuesday!

I'm still looking to schedule a To The Table event for Saturday the 18th. If you've got a game you've been wanting to play, reach out to me on our Facebook page or email me at

Sunday, February 19th we'll be hosting our first live music event. The event is from 4pm to 7pm. We're not instilling a cover charge but we do ask that attendees buy something from the cafe and we encourage tipping the performer.

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