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The Weekly Grind - August 29th, 2023 Newsletter

I don't have a LOT of updates, but I do have a lot of upcoming fun things to tell you about!

Upcoming Events:

Lorcana sales were a hit and I hope we get another allotment soon to get more of you into the game!

If you're already a Lorcana player, sign up for our Lorcana League. It's a very casual game style. We give out points for signing up, for wearing a Disney animated character, and other fun things. The league meets every Sunday from 12pm-3pm. We can typically get 3 matches in each day, 1 match is equal to 3 games.

There is a various selection of games in our retail section that have star stickers on them. They are 15% off right now! We're making room on our shelves for some new games, and have a little extra sales for the expansion into the new space.

Last year we were so caught up with the build-out we missed our family trip to the Bristol Rennaisance Faire. Our family has decided to close on Labor Day so we can visit Faire before it closes for the season. Thank you for understanding.

Blood on the Clocktower has been such a hit, and our Storytellers have been gracious enough to continue volunteering their time, we will be continuing every Saturday through October 21st. Those are the only dates we have scheduled as of right now. So, join us every Saturday from 6pm-11pm for Blood on the Clocktower at Critical Grind. It's free to play with cafe purchases and the first game of the night is always accommodating of new, beginner, players.

We officially have a new game night starting at Skeleton Key Brewery in Woodridge. We'll be there on the first Wednesday of the month as of September 6th. Join us once a month from 6pm-9pm for a selection of games. And if you're flying solo or are open to have new players join you, click the link and fill out this Google Form and we'll be sure to pack some games you'll be excited about and find you some new friends to play with.

Saturday, September 9th, you'll find us at The Roxy in Lockport for the 2nd Annual Meeple Swing Board Game Convention. Friday, September 8th, they'll be hosting a swing dancing event and then Saturday the 9th is a day filled with games. There will even be a Pandemic Tournament starting at 1pm. Cost for entry to the convention is a $2 donation to Trinity Services.

Friday, September 8th we'll be hosting a Wilds of Eldraine draft tournament. It's a $15 entry. There are only 24 seats available so click the image to sign up and reserve your seat at the table.

Saturday, September 16th we'll be hosting a DIY Mimic Box event. We'll have a mimic box for you to assemble, with guided instruction, and paints and stains to decorate your mimic how you'd like.

Starting on Friday, September 22nd, we're hosting an Intro to Magic night. This is for kids to learn how to play Magic the Gathering. We'll be teaching them how to play "pauper style" which means the decks they'll be playing with are all low-cost decks. This event is free with cafe purchase but they will not be able to keep the cards they play with.

Sunday, September 24th from 2pm-6pm we'll be learning to play Crokinole and hosting a casual tournament. This event is free to participate with cafe purchases.

Saturday, October 14th we'll be hosting a Murder Mystery event. This is a private, ticketed event. Tickets are $50 and include a 3-course meal, an interactive gaming experience, and various prizes. Tickets will be going on sale, on September 15th.

On Sunday, October 22nd we'll be hosting another Craft Show. We're currently accepting applications for vendors for the event. Fill out this Google Form and we'll be letting people know after September 15th if they have been accepted to the show.

Want to stay in the conversation? Join the discord!

Our very own Serena has added a toast to the Secret Menu! Enjoy the Holy Cannoli!

We're getting quotes from contractors for the construction and starting to collect furniture. If anyone knows of any leads for large tables and an assortment of chairs, let me know!

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