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The Weekly Grind - April 7th, 2023 Newsletter

Recap and upcoming events!

We have new shelves!!! The last couple of weeks the games at the cafe have been a disorganized mess, all in the process of moving them to the new shelves, but they are almost done!

Social Deception night went so well last week that we're going to run Blood on the Clocktower again on April 22nd at 7pm.

Last Sunday we hosted Holden Garcia's live music event. He did a wonderful job and I'm sure anyone who was here or watched the Facebook Live would agree.

Tuesday was supposed to be our first Cozy Quiz trivia night but only 2 people showed up, so we ended up pushing the game to next Tuesday. We really hope more people come out! Prizes for the top 2 teams, Fun Mini Games, a good time to be had by all.

AND if you'd rather play board games and have a beer, check out our weekly game night on Tuesdays at Hailstorm Brewing Company. Our Game Master, Nick will take your suggestions into consideration and tailors the games on hand for the players that participate.

D&D nights have been HOPPING! We love to see it.

We're teaming up with Studio Agate again officially starting D&D featuring Fateforge for Kids on the 2nd & 4th Fridays of the month, starting April 14th. Fateforge is still D&D 5e, but it's set in its own world with new character modifications, spells, weapons, and creatures. Seating will be limited as we only have 1 DM to start.

We're also excited to start hosting Pathfinder Society on the 2nd & 4th Fridays, also starting April 14th. For those unaware Pathfinder Society acts similarly to D&D Adventure League. Characters can be carried over from session to session regardless of the DM or storyline.

Nerdy Trivia is back TOMORROW, April 8th. Jay from Liquid Kourage Entertainment will be here running another dose of Nerdy Knowledge Trivia from 7pm - 9pm.

We will be closed on Sunday for Easter.

Sunday, April 16th will be our 3rd Terrain Workshop. We'll be learning how to make buildings and stairs. We are limiting seats for this one to 8, and would like to remind parents that hobby knives and hot glue are used and your assistance with your kids may be required for their participation.

Friday, April 21st is our Magic the Gathering, March of the Machines Draft Tournament. The tournament is from 6pm-11pm. Registration is suggested as seats are limited.

Sunday, April 23rd we're going to run Gaslands! Think Mad Max with matchbox or Hotwheels cars. Participants don't need to bring anything. Everything will be provided, including instructions.

Saturday, April 29th is our Independent Spotlight. Independent board game creators will be here with their games. Some may be self-published and others may be still in the playtesting phase. Come out to playtest a game, provide your feedback, and help make a board game the best it can be.

We couldn't leave out the kiddos. Sunday, April 30th is our first Kids Create event. We're going to have materials for kids to come out and create their own board game. They'll come up with pieces, cards, rules, and gameplay. $5 for participation and they can take what they make.

Last little updates.

We have new jewelry from Axial Creations, Critical Grind has its own glassware, and our Spring Flavors toast is a big hit! Whipped Ricotta with Lavender flowers, Lemon zest, and Honey.

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