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Road to Gen Con - Packing

I am counting down the road to Gen Con 2018. This is a list of things that would be the best things to pack.

What To Pack:

I’m already starting to get my packing list together. There are some obvious things you need when going out of town, and some specialty things you’ll want for the convention specific. I’m going to break it all down for you.

  • Water bottle!

Invest in something refillable. The plastic ones are great to grab and go, and if you lose it, no big deal… but they’re pretty wasteful, they don’t stay cold, and the condensation can get your games or papers wet. There are water fountains all around the convention and it’s easy to refill.

  • Snacks!

Protein Bars and Trail Mix are great go-to Con snacks.

Apples and Pears provide natural sugars and are healthy.

Crackers & Peanut Butter provide protein, carbs, and deliciousness that will keep you going between meals.

  • Drugs! Uhm…not the bad drugs. The good ones.

Vitamin C tablets & Emergen-C packets to add to your water. (Only 1 per day)

Advil/Tylenol/your pain reliever of choice.

Pepto/Tums/etc for the inevitable heartburn of food truck food and 2 hours of sleep.

  • Hand Sanitizer

There is nothing worse than Con Crud. Avoid the plague. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

  • Extra Clothes

I really hope people won’t all be wearing the same clothes all 4 days. This should go without saying. But I’m saying it anyway. Please bring more clothes. The below is assuming your staying for 4 days and 4 nights.

4-5 shirts.

3-4 pants/shorts/skirts/kilts.

5 pairs of socks.

6 pairs of underwear (always better to have too much underwear than not enough).

2 pajamas (any roommates you have will thank you).

  • Toiletries

Obviously you’ll need whatever toiletries you already use.






Tampons (I knew a dude that carried tampons just in case his female friends needed them. Coolest dude ever.)


Soap/Body Wash


  • Deodorant

Yes, I’m making it it’s own category. Bring 2. One to keep in your room and the other to put in your bag for the convention hall. You’re going to want it when you’ve been going-going-going for 15 hours straight, with no end in sight. Please, freshen up. You’ll feel better, and everyone around you will too.

  • Materials

If you’re doing a game, event, or meetup that has requires materials, you’ll need to bring those things.


Character Sheets

Dice (I like to bring one die from each of my sets so when I buy more I don’t buy the same ones or I buy complementary colors)

  • Backpack/Game Bag

You’ll need to have somewhere to put the aforementioned materials. Also, any games you purchase. Yes, companies will give you bags. But it’s easier for everyone if the games can fit in the bag you already have.

Please, do not bring roller bags. It’s not an official rule. But I’ve been whacked in the legs by people’s roller bags so many times, it’s a personal preference that you don’t bring them. Ouch.

  • Cosplaying?

Bring clothes with you to change into after the convention if you plan on going out. I mean, you could go in your costume, but if you’re anything like some of my cosplayer friends, you don’t want to go out if your costume isn’t perfect and at the end of a really long day, it may not be holding up so well.

Sewing Kit! I usually see someone walking around in their own costume as a “Cosplay Medic” with a whole kit to help with any costume issues. But you may not be able to find that someone when something rips, tears, breaks, or whatever else may befall your wonderful costume.

  • Chargers

Who are we without our devices?

Bring the portable charger you bought when Pokemon Go started. (I know it wasn’t just me…)

Bring a regular wall charger too. Sometimes those chargers don’t work. There are hallways with outlets where you can sit for a tick and charge up.

  • Fresh Breath

You’ll be in close proximity to thousands of people a day. Your breath shouldn’t smell like whatever you just ate for lunch.



Portable toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Energy Drinks

Coffee, Monster, Red Bull, AMP, Soda/Pop/Cola/Coke, whatever other caffeine beverage you prefer… you’ll want them. Bring them in a cooler in your car. Bring them in a little cooler in your bag. Or buy them as needed from the local cafes and convenience stores. But you’ll want them when 1am hits and you’ve been up since 8am and gaming since 10 am the previous day and there is still 3 hours left before Werewolf is over.

  • Monies

Bring Cash. I’ve found cash is the best way to budget. Only use Credit Cards in an emergency. Check out my Pro-Tips below for budgeting your monies.

  • Badge and Lanyard.

You’re not going to get far without your badge. You are required to have it with you everywhere at the convention. Even if you’re in costume. Get comfortable with your badge and bring it everywhere.

What are your lists? I know I'm forgetting something! What am I missing?

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