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Review: Epic Roll and Epic Roll: Eclipse

Epic Roll, more specifically Epic Roll: Eclipse, is a game that has created an ongoing battle between the wife and I. I am not sure of the exact score, but I am not doing well.

I thought to do this as two different reviews but since they can be played together, one post should do. In Epic Roll, you take on the role of a hero, a Wizard, Warrior, or Hunter. These heroes take turnes fighting random foes to work up to the boss, the Lich. Each stage consists of a die roll to determine which of 6 enemies you fight. Each enemy spot on the counter bar determines their total life. In the beginning, you will only roll for the lower 3 enemies. This allows you to gather ability cards for later stages. Once you hit mid-board you start taking on the tough ones. This also acts as a ‘save checkpoint’ should you die in future battles, you fall back to this line instead of back to the beginning. The combat system is a simple Hit, Block, or Miss mechanic. Very easy for most ages to play.

Eclipse differs in such that you play the the role of Sorcerer, Black Knight, or Vampire and you are battling traditional heroes and the “Big Boss” is the Paladin. Each playable character has their own special abilities for both games, but Eclipse adds artifacts that can enhance game play. There are enough artifacts for both games to be combined and play up to 6 players. Warning: It may get a bit intense. There are several ways to make sure others do not defeat the boss first.

These games continue to provide a lot of fun and competition in such a small box.

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