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Review: Dark is the Night

You are lost deep in the woods with only a campfire to keep you company. You still have a long journey and supplies are dwindling. As you prepare your last mutton you realize it will soon be time to turn in. But this unsettling feeling will not let up. Are you truly alone? Something from beyond the light of your campfire startles you. Quickly you prepare your crossbow and bolts. As you move with the campfire to your back you realize you cannot see, nor hear, whatever has joined you. What is it? An animal possibly. ‘Options’ you think to yourself, ‘If it stays in the dark maybe a distraction with the mutton could prove useful. A noise trap would help with location. I could attack blindly into the dark, but it may strike first.’ With only two bolts left you have to use them wisely. If you shoot the bold through the fire, it could provide additional areas of light. As you and the monster square off you must move carefully. Each step could be your last.

Dark is the Night is a 2-player, turn-based game. A unique mechanic of this game is that the Hunter does not know what space the Monster is on. As the two characters move about, the Hunter must try to predict where the Monster is and defeat it. The Hunters has a few items to help narrow down the location. A crossbow and two bolts that can be shot at a distance to attack, or shot through the fire to add a light to the Monster’s path. The mutton will cause the Monster to move toward it, and the Bell Trap sounds when the Monster leaves that space. A fun hide-and-seek style game that can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes per game.

Game: Dark is the Night

Publishers: APE Games

Cost: $15-$20

Pros: Quick 2 person match with simple rules.

Cons: Limited in play styles and options.

Recommended?: Perfect for quick 2 player.

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