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The Weekly Grind - November 14th, 2022 Newsletter

This is our first newsletter so it's probably going to be long and the format of these things may change as I do more. But let's start here...


We had our ribbon cutting with the Plainfield Shorewood Area Chamber of Commerce last Thursday and we had a great turnout. There were quite a few people hiding behind the camera but they were there. We are so appreciative of everyone who came out to support us. We are honored to be a part of such a lovely community of people.

We were also featured in an article from the Joliet Patch.


This Week's Events!

During the week at the cafe, we have events going on most nights. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Google Calendar. You can add any of our events to your calendar so you never forget.

Bring your friends and your decks and join us for Magic the Gathering.

You're welcome to bring any other TCG games you'd prefer as well. And if you don't like Trading Card Games, you can still come and play board games.

Tuesdays are dedicated to board games. If you and your friends want to bring in a game or play one of our hundreds of games to choose from, you're welcome to it. It's free to play. We just ask that each person buys something from the cafe.

This TUESDAY we will be hosting game night at Miskatonic Brewing Company in Darien. Join our Game Master, Nick, and a portion of our collection for some gaming and brewskies. Miskatonic is Pet-Friendly and Kid-Friendly.

It has been suggested that mental health is important. Dana has opted to take Wednesdays off and as such, for the time being, Critical Grind will remain closed on Wednesdays.

This Thursday will be the first official week of our in-house D&D campaign. Our head game master, Shaun, is running a series of one-shot sessions every week. If you can make it consistently the stories will fit together, but if you can only make it once in a while, you're able to jump in the session with a character and not have missed anything.

Players are also welcome to bring in their own campaigns of D&D, Pathfinder, White Wolf, or any of the other systems out there.

This Friday's theme for Game Night is DEXTERITY. We'll be playing some classics like Operation and Jenga, and some newer goodies like Tinderblox, as seen on #boardgametiktok, Kittin, Klask, and more.


We apologize for any inconvenience but we will be open from 8am - 11am before the party, and from 2pm - 11pm after the party.


Important Dates for November

We will be closed on Thanksgiving, and "Black Friday."

Saturday, November 26th, we will be at Soundgrowler Brewing Co in Tinley Park for their Comics and Cosplay Market from 12pm - 5pm.


Goings on Around the Cafe

If you bring your own mug or tumbler you will receive 10% off your purchase.

*Pictured: Dana's Dirty Pumpkin Chai with Whip in her #OwlCrate mug. It says "Every Leaf Speaks Bliss to Me, fluttering from the Autumn tree."*

We are selling "Steph's Awesome Gaming Calendar for 2023" Steph is a photographer who takes photos of game pieces and turns her wonderful images into calendars.

Retail: $15.00

We have our own blend through Two Brothers Coffee Roasters. You can ONLY buy our blend, here at the cafe, or at one of our events. It is a 12oz bag of whole bean coffee with notes of stone fruit, caramel, and walnut. We can grind it to your specifications here in the cafe.

Retail: $12.50

We have had several people sign up for our game rental subscriptions. With over 400 board games in our library, and that library constantly growing, you'll always have something to borrow. Online registration isn't set up yet so pop into Critical Grind to check out the library and sign up.

We just started selling the beautiful chain maille jewelry made by Axial Creations. We have a selection of their necklaces, bracelets, and earrings at the cafe, but you could always order custom from their Etsy Shop.

We are officially offering party packages. Reach out to Dana directly to book or with any questions:

That's all for now! See you around the cafe!

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